Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance Services

Optimize Software Testing for Faster Digital Transformation

Veridition provides full-cycle software tests for performance, compatibility and accessibility.

Manual QA Software Testing

Our certified QA engineers perform a variety of quality assurance and control tests on new and established software systems, including desktop and mobile apps, in addition to web services, browser apps and websites. Depending on project specifications, we leverage several tools for test management (TestLink, qTest), load testing (LoadRunner, LoadUI, JUnit) and mobile testing (Appium, ExpriTest).

Automation Testing

When releasing new software versions and implementations, it’s imperative to quickly detect potential bugs and system variances before going to market. That’s why we recommend integrating test automation software whenever possible. We offer professional integrations for popular test automation tools like Ranorex, Capybera, Cucumber, Selenium, TestComplete, Telerik and HPE UFT.

Usability Testing

We use straightforward usability testing methodologies to improve desktop and mobile apps, as well as several types of websites. Our UI and GUI testing services cover ease of navigation, interface design effectiveness, consistency in different environments and more. We perform in-house and remote tests with users of different skill levels, depending on needs.

Functional Testing

After working with you to determine concrete output expectations, we perform a variety of functionality tests beginning early in the development process, including build verification, smoke, stress, database integrity, failover and sanity tests. We establish transparent test metrics and deliver regular reports to keep functional QA practices moving smoothly.

Performance Testing

Speed, stability and scalability should all be rigorously analyzed before an application goes to market. We verify performance for all internal and user-facing functions under worst-case scenario workloads to improve effectiveness under projected stress. We measure performance parameters for processors, physical memory, bandwidth, disk time and queue length, databases, throughput and more.

Compatibility Testing

We authenticate forward- and backward-compatibility of applications with new and legacy software systems, hardware, browsers, databases, operating systems, network architectures, devices and other environments. Our QA engineers run regular regression tests on multiple virtual machines to test all possible configurations of elements in an efficient, thoroughly documented process.

Penetration Testing

In addition to other typical security testing best practices (vulnerability scanning, security audits, posture assessment) we stage proactive white and black box penetration tests to better guard against hackers. Our pen testers deploy comprehensive backup and disaster recovery protocols to ensure the stability of all internal and integrated systems and the integrity of all data while performing these simulations.

Localization Testing

It’s not just translating content that we worry about when localizing a new application. When new software is released to international markets, it’s critical that they function flawlessly so they can contend with native competitors. We perform exhaustive functional and usability tests to ensure optimal localization and globalization no matter the region of release.

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