Adaptive Agile

Adaptive Agile Solutions

Providing Real Value in Long-Term Solutions

Veridition’s capabilities across research, strategy, design and development come together in a driven, iterative, solution methodology centered around our Adaptive Agile Methodology, we conduct all our work in 2-week sprints – across every discipline and all activities.

Our sprints are hypothesis driven and evidence based, yielding rapid outcomes, minimizing risks and responding quickly to change as it occurs, so that the final product and solution reflect optimal results. Our product and solution development process challenges the typical project lifecycle and yields living products that provide real value for the long-run, far beyond the launch date.

Our customers across a variety of industries including Healthcare, Manufacturing and Retail can effectively use our Adaptive Agile development solutions to address constantly changing, unanticipated mission critical requirements.

Agile Program Delivery

We own delivery of multiple projects aligned to a business goal. Responsibilities include program planning, defining and controlling Agile Processes, continuous improvement, financials, and vendor management.

Agile Project Delivery

We drive outcomes using an Adaptive Agile approach to meet product, technology and delivery goals. We modernize your QA function, we turn around failing projects and lead your most critical projects to success.

Our Development Services